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Which business decisions should your FP&A team support?

  • What is finance's role in supporting business decisions?

  • What is technology's impact?

  • 3 immediate actions to improve the experience

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Top concerns of a CFO

  • CFOs should focus their strategy on business development, funding new growth and adding stockholder value

  • Why is their focus on data, technology, talent retention and cost reduction instead?

  • Top concerns of a CFO

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3 Questions to ask before you hire your next resource

  • Is it good to increase your workforce when you have a budget? 

  • What are some of the top considerations before you do it?

  • Solutions and answer to some questions.

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Improve topline with new business model

KatlistTech LLC

  • Increasing revenue growth with new business models

  • Establishing new products and services

  • Improving customer satisfaction

How Strategic Co-Sourcing can add long-term value?

  • As businesses grow, there are various strategies businesses employ to perform the operations.

  • These strategies ranges from hiring more internal resources to engaging third parties for a specific job or on long term contracts.

  • Let us discuss some of these, and how to use them strategically to gain competitive advantage and cost savings.

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6 Technology trends Finance teams can leverage today

  • The new technologies are changing the way businesses are done and smart businesses are using it to their advantage to create new revenues and make permanent cost savings.

  • Finance teams can use these to automate and reduce processing time, human involvement, save resource costs while increasing data and processing accuracy.

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6 things Finance can do better to transform business

  • Traditionally finance teams support multiple business functions and help them run smooth and improve their efficiencies.

  • Knowing its role and the impact it has on the business, finance functions can do better and change the way the business is done for better.

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Digital Transformation and its role in Finance.

  • Digital Transformation is the latest buzz with businesses all over the world. It is an evolving topic of interest not only for businesses but for academia, non- profits and for the society.

  • To know if Digital transformation is truly ‘transformative’ we should know its roots and its relationship with other similar terms like digitization and digitalization.

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Why Digital transformation?

  • Digital Transformation provided enormous benefits to the business both in terms of costs and saved labor but must be weighed against the cost and priority with other business initiatives.

  • “Why” digital transformation will help answer some of these questions

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Business Data types and relationship between Data Management and Governance.

  • In any data related project, it is critical to understand the business data categories, relationship between Data Management and Governance.

  • These are business data types and different from technical data types used in IT design and Architecture of the data models.

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