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Partnership - Strength - Growth

Katlist has entered into strategic partnership with Catabatic Automation Private Limited, India.

Catabatic Automation Technology Private Limited was incorporated in 2005 in New Delhi with our development center, based in Gurugram, Delhi NCR. Our philosophy at Catabatic is driven with one goal – “Client First” attitude. We drive our execution to achieve that single objective. At Catabatic, we provide complete IT solutions in the field of Internet, e-commerce, application integration, and custom software development. Based on the customer need, we also provide BI data solutions, IT services and resource augmentation.


Catabatic works with clients from various industries ranging from Aviation, FMCG, Healthcare and Telecom to Risk Advisory, handling  diverse domains - a BA/BE Bio Sample Management software for a Generic drug Manufacturer, a BI Tool, a Airspace management software, and an ERP for Airports Operations.


Our approach to consulting is simple - to study the client’s business needs and serve them with suitable solutions using cutting edge technologies. The technology we incorporate, is judged through rigorous standards, used for design and development that provides easy and working solutions to satisfied clients.

Catabatic believes that the success of our clients relies on the quality of the work we do, and our quality is only as good as the quality of our people. So, we believe in having the right people and teams for each job – investing in recruiting, training, and retaining the right talent. Our experts are highly experienced and versatile to provide the best of the class solutions for businesses running at optimum performance levels, meeting strict time and quality parameters.


Our strength lies in our innovation and our intention to learn and improve. Every client that we serve, every project that we undertake, every assignment that we complete adds to our growing skills, and the desire to do better than last time, pushing us a few steps closer to realizing our goal of excellence.

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If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.

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Steve Jobs


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