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Why Digital transformation?  



  1. Ease of process – Increased productivity – Time saved by employees to enter and process data. 

  2. Production Quality – More available information helps to improve quality, identifying and fixing potential issues early .

  3. Digitization leads new data availability, sharing it quickly for intelligence and action. Digital data can be stored and used for future analysis; paper trail is hard to collate. 

  4. Sharing the data with customers can help to increase customer satisfaction and potential cost savings. e.g., shipping companies share tracking data with customers to help them trade-off with delayed delivery to save costs. 


  1. Bad design can cause frustration and be counterproductive to the digital transformation. 

  2. Too much and disorganized data can become harmful to decision making. 

  3. Businesses struggle to identify and prioritize the DT areas and if not planned, can run into serious cost overruns and implementation delays .

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