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 Good Data analytics requires best data practices. How to achieve it?

Top quality analytics significantly improves business outcomes and revenue by timely decision making. Yet Many Finance Leaders find it difficult to convert analytics to business insights. Re-invent the value of analytics in corporate decision making. Typically, analysts spend more time preparing the data, not analyzing it. Make use of your analyst's time where it matters - Delivering business insights and supporting business leaders to make right business decisions.

  • Data Management - Record and Validate data. Reconcile systems and Monitor accuracy.

  • Data Analytics - Answer your business questions. Design and test your scenarios and outcomes. Create workflows and schedules to boost productivity.

  • Master Data Maintenance - Profile your data quality. Assess, improve, Create and track metrics.

Financial Analytics
Most companies do have a written processes. What else you need?

Process is flow of activities combining human effort and technology. While definition is the first step, measuring and optimizing with tracking metrics are key for good process management.

Process Management
  • Compliance Management - Leverage process for regulatory compliance and audits .

  • Process Definition - Establish, document and benchmark.

  • Process Metrics - Define and Measure Process metrics.

  • Optimize - Eliminate, Centralize, Automate and Improve.

How do you coordinate multiple IT initiatives and keep them on track ?

As digitalization transforms businesses it creates both challenges and opportunities. There is a growing need to get the best gains from IT investments.   Katlist team can bring in their expertise in technology and project management - uniquely equips us to be your trusted guide along your journey.

  • Business Analysis and Design - Perform business analysis,  define scope and design.

  • Change Management - Plan and Manage transitions successfully through proven methods

  • Program Management - Prioritize, Manage and report related projects together for time and cost efficiency.

Project Management
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If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.

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Steve Jobs


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