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Improve topline with new business models


A mid-sized company mainly sold data networking hardware products to home users and small businesses. It’s products were sold to consumers "off-the-shelf" from consumer electronics stores, Internet retailers, and big-box retail stores and "online" e-commerce stores.


As part of the company’s long term strategy the company launched a hardware product direct to the consumers with a new business model. The challenge is to integrate the third party systems, with enterprise engineering and financial systems with tight timelines.


Key Business Takeaways

  1. Establishing new business model for selling products and services

  2. Increased revenue from the new products and services

  3. Seamless system and data integration

  4. Satisfied customers



Assessing the company’s strategy and  with detailed project plans and developing designs and systems have proven extremely valuable. Partnering with multiple teams to execute the plan on time.

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